Revealing Provide ECO - Web3 Infrastructure for ESG

Revealing Provide ECO - Web3 Infrastructure for ESG

Provide's ECO (Enterprise Carbon Offsets) product brings together enterprise systems such as SAP and ServiceNow to the frontier of web3 regenerative finance (ReFi).

We are thrilled to reveal Provide ECO - the first web3 offering to introduce benefits of the digital carbon market to the F500 enterprise with breakthrough innovations in zero-knowledge cryptography for carbon reporting.

ECO (Enterprise Carbon Offsets) brings together enterprise systems such as SAP and ServiceNow to the frontier of web3 regenerative finance (aka ReFi). With this new launch, Provide strengthens its commitment to transform global commerce for the benefit of humanity.

Carbon offsets are a key part of the net zero global movement and ESG goals that enterprises, governments, and NGOs are urgently working to meet. With ECO, enterprises are able to meet their sustainability goals like never before by purchasing digital carbon offsets and retirements on KlimaDAO, an established leader and pioneer in ReFi and the largest marketplace for digital carbon on Polygon and throughout all of web3.

Enterprises using ECO will enjoy the benefits of digital carbon on KlimaDAO as well as a simplified and secure billing experience with our fiat-crypto bridge Provide Payments. Additionally, enterprises will be able to improve the outcomes of scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions reporting and verification with the help of Provide’s open-source web3 infrastructure.

Sustainability is a strategic imperative for every business. Successfully catalyzing ReFi pioneers like KlimaDAO adds yet another reason why Fortune 500 enterprises are choosing Polygon. In addition to its commitment to sustainability - the speed, scalability, security, and market reach Polygon offers as the leading Ethereum Layer 2 are all vital components to ECO.

To our knowledge, this is the first application of zero knowledge and programmatic carbon offsetting in the Ethereum ecosystem integrated with ERP, CRM, and traditional enterprise systems. A first in not only in Ethereum, but across the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Get an in-depth look at Provide ECO and other components of KlimaDAO and voluntary carbon market at ON SET #2 | Leveraging Digital Carbon hosted by KlimaDAO on Mar 7 at 11am EST. Sign up today here. Provide’s Ryan Fleischmann will be speaking there!

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Chainlink Integration with SAP via PRVD

Provide's very own Ryan Fleischmann has submitted our entry to the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon. Our submission integrates Chainlink price feeds into the SAP S/4 HANA enterprise resource planning system - the #1 ERP system used by Fortune 500 businesses and other global organizations for finance, supply chain and other business processes. In so few words - we used Chainlink price feeds to update the foreign currency rates in SAP. This effort showcases the maturity level of the PRVD stack (the BRI-1 implementation of the Baseline Protocol).

November 18, 2022