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Red Hat

Why Provide?

The industry standard synchronization solution

Provide expands the value of business processes by enabling synchronization and asset tokenization. This gateway to web3 combines cutting-edge technologies like public blockchain and zero-knowledge cryptography with business process management and ERP integrations.

Composable Zero-Knowledge

Web3 enterprise application layer

  • Chain- and cloud- agnostic

    Proven, modular technology stack

    Integrate highly secure open-source technology to build enterprise-grade distributed systems in a cloud and protocol agnostic manner.

  • Global network deployments

    Synchronize and tokenize processes

    Privately verify data synchronization across systems using zero knowledge cryptography and public blockchain.

  • low-code application

    No-code application platform

    Deploy global networks and onboard partner ecosystems with Shuttle, the first no-code web3 synchronization solution.

  • Cloud-native architecture and scale

    Use smart contracts and NFTs

    Enable smart contracts and NFTs to transform existing business processes into entirely new business models.

Deploy your business process


“Supporting open-source projects like PRVD presents a great opportunity to accelerate Chainlink’s mission in helping enterprises become blockchain-enabled. With Chainlink, instances of the PRVD stack can greatly benefit from secure access to the real world resources and trust-minimized services”

William Herkelrath

MD / Chainlink Labs

“We immediately recognized the value and opportunity to make onboarding enterprise users easy and seamless. We knew it was a good fit for Polygon to join and contribute to PRVD to advance the Baseline Protocol standard by way of PRVD. Together, we will make the adoption of public blockchain and advanced privacy tools approachable for organizations”

Arjun Kalsy

VP Growth/ Polygon

BankUnited sees real value in the PRVD project.  Sensitive data stays where it belongs, in each participant’s internal system of record, whether it is ServiceNow, SAP, or something else. In the case of a dispute, our auditors and other parties provided access, don't need to request information after the fact. We can just unpack the proof.

Anthonio Di Perna

ITSM / Bank United

"Given the current direction of distributed architectures and surging demand for Web3, organizations will seek to contribute and participate in the PRVD open project. DataBrains is committed to unlock the value and power of Web3 within the Salesforce and Snowflake customer community. PRVD is Web3 for enterprise."

Len Vitello

CEO / DataBrains

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The PRVD stack is open-source technology supported by enterprises, developers and users with the mission to create a public good for enterprise.