Provide Partners with Nethermind to Offer Advanced Key Management & Enterprise Support

Provide Partners with Nethermind to Offer Advanced Key Management & Enterprise Support

Baseline community leaders Provide and Nethermind have collaborated to bring state-of-the-art key management for privacy and messaging use-cases to the Nethermind .NET Ethereum client.

Provide Technologies and Nethermind announced a new partnership today that brings advanced privacy, messaging and key management capabilities to the Nethermind .NET client. In addition to the integration of Nethermind with Provide Vault and Shuttle, the collaboration has also resulted in the design and first client-native implementation of the Baseline Protocol JSON-RPC specification.

Baseline is an open-source initiative using cryptography, messaging, and the public blockchain to serve as an always-on, never-biased middleware for business process automation. To put it simply, the Baseline mission is to make the Ethereum Mainnet safe and effective for enterprises, without putting any data at risk. Enterprise systems have long favored .NET due to the flexibility and size of the developer community. First-class support for a .NET Ethereum client supporting Baseline makes baselining systems of record like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365, as demonstrated in previous POCs by Provide and Provide partner Unibright, that much easier.

Provide and Nethermind started working together in May of this year to create new standards for enterprise blockchain integration by way of the Baseline Initiative. Since joining forces, the teams have designed the first version of a new JSON-RPC module for Baseline which will allow organizations and developers to build support for Baseline into their own products. Provide automatically configures and provisions a Nethermind node as part of its Shuttle Baseline-as-a-Service offering, making Nethermind and Vault the pragmatic choice for diving into Baseline with built-in enterprise support from two leading innovators.

The architecture for the initial release of the Baseline Protocol discussed yesterday during Baseline office hours will enable community-wide understanding of and rapid iteration on the baseline protocol and fulfill the community's abstraction and generalization objective. Provide and Nethermind support is included in the baseline-app reference implementation, which can be found under examples in the Baseline GitHub repository.

Tomasz K. Stanczak, Founder of Nethermind states “We are excited to work with Provide on delivering the best Baseline experience. Provide has a top infrastructure solution and the close integration with Nethermind nodes will bring mainnet to enterprises in simple steps.”

Kyle Thomas, founder and CEO of Provide adds, “Integrating mission-critical systems of record is getting a lot easier today as a result of our partnership with Nethermind. We have a very complementary technical roadmap and are well-aligned to offer commercial support for enterprise customers. Nethermind’s commitment to commercially supporting Eth2 will give us the opportunity to properly migrate customers who are building solutions today. We are finally seeing a sharp uptick in demand for enterprise blockchain solutions and our new partnership with Nethermind strengthens the offering we have been building out with Unibright."

About Provide Technologies

Provide Technologies is pioneering the tools, protocols and services to help organizations build and scale their blockchain investments with confidence. Our mission is making low-code enterprise blockchain application development accessible across any cloud or protocol. We are the foundation for how the most important companies are reshaping markets today through decentralization.

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About Nethermind

Founded in 2017 by a small team of world-class technologists, Nethermind builds Ethereum solutions for developers and enterprises. Boosted by a grant from the Ethereum Foundation in August 2018, the team has worked tirelessly to deliver the fastest Ethereum client in the market.In addition to the client, Nethermind has built a peer-to-peer Data Marketplace, ran multiple free Advanced EVM workshops to educate developers, and been actively involved with Ethereum Core development. Nethermind is also working to deliver Ethereum 2.0.

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