Provide Flagship Product, Shuttle, Reaches General Availability Release

Provide Flagship Product, Shuttle, Reaches General Availability Release

Provide has reached General Availability with its flagship product, Shuttle, with the anticipated v1.0.0 release.

2 July 2022 - Provide has reached General Availability with its flagship product, Shuttle, with the anticipated v1.0.0 release. A production-ready version of Shuttle is available!

Featuring a new and intuitive onboarding experience, an updated UI and a reimagined no/low-code workflow designer, Shuttle is the easy-button for creating, curating and managing enterprise-grade, synchronized web3 ecosystems in compliance with the Baseline Protocol. Shuttle is also built specifically for optimized use with the PRVD stack, the open-source distributed systems architecture now governed by PRVD, an international OASIS Open Project; PRVD is a sister project to the Baseline Protocol by way of EEA Community Projects.

The Baseline Protocol is the standard for universal, verified state synchronization and multiparty coordination under zero-knowledge. In other words, baseline defines a way to provably synchronize data in any business process, from any system, amongst any number of organizations without actually exposing any of the underlying data. Trying to explain this protocol by breaking it down into simpler terms doesn’t make it sound any easier – because it’s not.

The PRVD stack makes the Baseline Protocol accessible to enterprise in production environments. Shuttle makes the PRVD stack and Baseline Protocol easy for everyone to use with systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics365, Microsoft Excel, ServiceNow and many more. Your imagination is the limit to what you can do with Shuttle.

We’ve been hard at work for the past two years building the distributed system and services for the Baseline Protocol standard and PRVD stack. Shuttle is the interface that makes baseline-compliant synchronization easy to use for any company, of any size, using any system, in any industry. Shuttle eliminates complexities of the technology itself and creates an on-ramp that offers publicly-verifiable multiparty synchronization in a matter of minutes. Shuttle helps users adopt the "Baseline Rollup" offered by the open-source PRVD Network, which is a Layer 3 network responsible for consensus on a zero-knowledge rollup that settles on the public Ethereum mainnet by way of Polygon (also a founding member of PRVD OASIS).

Distributed, publicly-verifiable data synchronization under zero-knowledge is the small step necessary just before a giant leap for mankind: enterprise DeFi at global scale.

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Chainlink Integration with SAP via PRVD

Provide's very own Ryan Fleischmann has submitted our entry to the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon. Our submission integrates Chainlink price feeds into the SAP S/4 HANA enterprise resource planning system - the #1 ERP system used by Fortune 500 businesses and other global organizations for finance, supply chain and other business processes. In so few words - we used Chainlink price feeds to update the foreign currency rates in SAP. This effort showcases the maturity level of the PRVD stack (the BRI-1 implementation of the Baseline Protocol).

November 18, 2022
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February 8, 2023