New Blockchain Development Services + Success Packs

New Blockchain Development Services + Success Packs

Provide now offers blockchain services to provide strategic services and development to projects looking to onboard services on the Provide Platform, or for organizations looking to build custom decentralized applications. Provide is also introducing three Success Packs, aimed at development of smart contracts and security audits.

Blockchain technology possesses the potential to drastically reinvent how businesses and people interact, creating huge economies of scale and reshaping markets. By creating shared economies of scale for data and governance, blockchain provides ways to reduce operational costs, create better transparency, improve working capital—all while promoting privacy and compliance.To accelerate the benefits of blockchain and other Web3 technologies, Provide is dogfooding our blockchain platform-as-a-service by building turnkey solutions on it. The Provide Platform is built to be chain- and protocol-agnostic, and helps organizations architect solutions using a variety of best-of-breed blockchain projects on the market by simplifying their orchestration and integration points.

Blockchain Services

Our blockchain services offerings.

Provide's blockchain services are designed to be leveraged assistance for building blockchain strategy, proofs of concept (POC), development of smart contracts or integrations, and optimizing deployments for security and scale. Provide is not an end-to-end development shop, but can furnish key product and development experts for developing custom blockchain solutions.Provide's blockchain services capabilities center around the following key areas of blockchain development:

  • Training workshops for business leaders and developers.
  • Rapid proof-of-concept development on the Provide Platform.
  • Development services for custom blockchain projects and integrations.
  • Integration services for cross-chain and polyglot solution development.
  • Solidity smart contract development.
  • Decentralized application optimization for scale and security.
  • Security audits for smart contracts and architecture.

Introducing blockchain service Success Packs.

To provide confidence while developing new blockchain-based solutions, or to make your project readily available to Provide Platform users, Provide is now offering Success Pack services.

  • PROVIDE SUCCESS PACKDevelop two Solidity contracts and README to deploy; packaged as a truffle git project.
  • PROVIDE ADVANCED SUCCESS PACKUp to five Solidity contracts; security audit, and everything included in Provide Success Pack.
  • PROVIDE SECURITY AUDIT SUCCESS PACKTechnical audits of smart contracts; priced per byte of runtime code.

In addition to our success packs, Provide offers dedicated services from product managers to senior cypherpunk blockchain engineers. Contract minimum is two weeks.

Further reading:

For more information, see our blockchain services webpage or contact us.Also, to learn more about how active projects that are becoming available services on the Provide Platform, check out our dogfooding series on building Provide Payments, including how we are using the open source Indra project for payment hubs. More stories for other projects will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Chainlink Integration with SAP via PRVD

Provide's very own Ryan Fleischmann has submitted our entry to the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon. Our submission integrates Chainlink price feeds into the SAP S/4 HANA enterprise resource planning system - the #1 ERP system used by Fortune 500 businesses and other global organizations for finance, supply chain and other business processes. In so few words - we used Chainlink price feeds to update the foreign currency rates in SAP. This effort showcases the maturity level of the PRVD stack (the BRI-1 implementation of the Baseline Protocol).

November 18, 2022