Inaugural PRVD OASIS PGB Meeting Set for September 8

Inaugural PRVD OASIS PGB Meeting Set for September 8

SEPTEMBER 5, 2022  - In June of 2022, OASIS Open announced the launch of PRVD OASIS, with founding members Provide, Synadia, Polygon, Chainlink, BankUnited, DataBrains, and HaasOnline collaborating on the New Open Source Initiative to govern the PRVD Stack. Since its inception, PRVD OASIS members have been pushing the initiative forward with various contributions, and are now ready to host the first PRVD OASIS PGB (Project Governing Board) meeting, taking place Thursday, September 8th. A project chair (or chairs) will be elected and the general direction for governance of the project will be set. The PGB will agree on a regular meeting cadence for future meetings and the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) functions will be outlined.

PRVD OASIS aims to promote the development and adoption of the application programming interfaces (APIs), data models and binary runtimes for the Baseline Protocol, based on the PRVD stack components being contributed to the project by Provide. 

As the original creators of the PRVD stack, members of the Provide team will play a large role as key open-source contributors to PRVD OASIS. In the upcoming PGB Meeting, Provide CEO Kyle Thomas will walk through the various project repositories on GitHub and demonstrate how they tie into the BRI-1 reference implementation in the Baseline project. He’ll also share details of some of the ongoing work that’s been happening to upgrade BRI-1 within the Baseline repository, in order to make it current with the significant changes that have been to the PRVD stack since BRI-1 was originally written.

Provide’s newest team member, Developer Evangelist and SAP Architect, Ryan Fleishmann, will also be in attendance to witness his work on proUBC, the open-source ABAP implementation of the PRVD stack Baseline middleware pattern for SAP, be proposed for inclusion in the PRVD OASIS project charter.

The PRVD stack utilizes the PRVD Network, a permissionless Layer 3 network responsible for consensus on a recursive zero-knowledge rollup that settles on the public Ethereum mainnet by way of Polygon.

The upcoming kickoff of the PRVD OASIS project will set the stage for the launch of PRVD Network, which uses the PRVD token for on-chain governance. Organizations sponsoring PRVD OASIS accumulate and lock a pro rata portion of PRVD each year they sponsor the project for use in the governance of the PRVD Network. These PRVD are special in that they cannot be withdrawn by these organizations but rather only used for voting as described in the whitepaper. The unique governance structure of the enterprise-grade Layer 3 PRVD Network is set up to effectively protect the interests of enterprise organizations using the network while also serving the community at large.

Provide is excited for PRVD OASIS to kickoff. Future TSC calls will be open to the public. Check out the PRVD OASIS GitHub organization and stay tuned for a recap of the first PGB meeting!

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